Friday, 12 June 2015

Micro Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Spine health is very important for the health of whole body. The functions of spine are movement, support, protection, coordination and control. If spine got any problem proper treatment is essential. Sometimes a surgery can recover the complete health of spine. There are some cases where other treatment options fail in the case of spine. Here comes the importance of Micro Endoscopic Spine Surgery.

What is Micro Endoscopic Spine Surgery ?

Micro Endoscopic Spine Surgery also name as less invasive spine surgery. First a small incision is made for accessing the spine using some specialized instruments. Compared to a traditional open spine surgery, in this case a small incision is made. The thing is neurosurgeon can find out the correct location where the problem is located.

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Our Success Story

Once a child of age 4 years, came for the spine treatment from a village in greater noida to neuro surgeon Dr Manish Vaish. She was suffered with spinal tuberculosis. Her condition was so bad and was very tired. The recovery chance was also very less. This time the neuro expert doctor decided to have a micro endoscopic spine surgery. The surgery was successfull and now she is living healthy and happy.

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