Monday, 14 August 2017

Save Your Life From Brain Tumor

Brain tumor can occur at any stage of life. Brain tumor is of two types primary and secondary. Primary brain tumor is again of two types malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous). If the tumor occurs in any part of the body and spread cancer cells to the brain then these types of cancerous tumors are known as secondary tumors. The exact cause of brain tumor is still not known. Brain tumor symptoms are depending on their type, size and location. The symptoms include headaches, memory problems, mood changes, personality changes, numbness, walking and balancing problems, vomiting and problem in vision and speech. The risk factors for brain tumors include ionizing radiation from X-rays and family history of brain tumors. Treatment options for brain tumor may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery.


Surgery is considered as primary treatment option for brain tumors. Craniotomy is known as a procedure to open the skull for surgery. The surgeon makes an incision in the scalp and uses a unique type of equipment to remove the bone piece from the skull. During surgery, the surgeon may ask several questions to the patients such as count a number, shake a leg, or tell something to protect important parts of the brain. After removing the tumor, the surgeon shields the opening of skull with a piece of bone or a piece of fabric or metal. The incision in the scalp is closed by the surgeon.

Brain surgery may cause several infections, swelling, fluid accumulation, or harming normal tissues. These problems may cause many other problems such as problems in seeing, thinking, or speaking. Radiation therapy is used to destroy brain tumor cells with the help of gamma rays, x-rays, or protons. There are two types of radiation therapy external and internal. Resting is important after surgery but it is advised to stay active after the surgery to avoid many problems related to brain.

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