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All You Need To Know About Brain Tumor!

The disease condition called Brain Tumor or Intracranial Neoplasm occurs when a mass of abnormal cells grow inside the brain. This happens when the normal metabolism of brain differs. Normally cells grow and will get old & dies. Then new cells grow, but this process may go wrong. The old or damaged cells may not die & new extra cells grows. These extra cells will form as a mass & becomes tumor.

Brain tumor

Brain Tumor can be benign & malignant. Some of the benign tumors are not cancerous because it doesn't contain cancer cells and can be cured.
Benign tumors will not spread into other parts of the body. It has a specific border or edge. Sometimes it may change into Malignant tumors & may cause health problems.
Malignant or Cancerous Tumors are more dangerous and is a threat to life. This tumors contains cancer cells. It grows rapidly & can spread into healthy brain areas. Exact reason behind the occurrence of Brain tumors are unknown. Some of the reasons which may be the cause are radiation, inherited diseases etc.


The symptoms of brain tumor depends upon the size, location of the growth & age of a person. We get signs & symptoms only when it harms a part of brain or it presses on a nerve or blocks the fluid in brain etc.


The common symptoms are,
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting & Nausea
  • Weakness in one side of body
  • Difference in vision, hearing, sensory & speech
  • Loss of concentration
  • Memory Loss
  • Emotional Changes etc.


Treatment is also depends on size of tumor, location of tumor and age & health of a person. For most brain tumors surgery is recommended as the first step. After that other treatments like radiation therapy & chemotherapy will be given for slowing down the growth. In some cases, the doctor may not be possible to remove the tumor by surgery. In that case, treatments like radiation therapy & chemotherapy is recommended.  

Common surgeries done are,
Craniotomy: It is common surgery done by removing a part of skull and is replaced after the surgery. This surgery is done after MRI scanning.


Shunt: This procedure is done for relieve the intracranial pressure caused by tumor blocking the brain fluid pathway. The excess fluid will be drained out with the shunt procedure.
Stereotactic Surgery: Stereotactic surgery or Stereotaxy is done to find out the position & location of the tumor. It is a minimal invasive type of surgery uses a three dimensional image to locate the tumor. This is also used to remove the tumor and for other treatments.
Endoscopic &Endoscope Assisted Surgery: It is done by making small incisions or through natural openings of the body. Through this the doctors will be able to visualize the affected areas which is difficult to reach.
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