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Spine Surgery in New Delhi

Are you struggling with back pain for a long time? Gurukripa Advanced Neuro care Institute will help you to solve this problem.
The backbone or spine is made up of 26 bone discs called vertebrae. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord and it help us to stand and bend. Structure of the spine or damage of vertebrae and its surrounding tissues is caused by a number of  problems. It includes :
  • Infections
  • Tumors
  • Bone changes due to aging
  • Injuries

In spinal diseases, bone changes put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves which cause  pain. The treatment procedures vary by diseases.

Different treatment procedures are available for cord problems.
Spinal cord Surgery :
Number of surgical options are available for spinal cord injuries. Some of the surgical methods for spinal cord injuries are :
  • Spinal Fusion : procedure to fuse or join two or more vertebrae
  • Lumbar Discectomy : Used to remove all or part of a ruptured or herniated disc in the lower part of the spine
  • Micro Discectomy : surgery to remove a small part of the ruptured disc
  • Cervical Discectomy : remove one or more damaged discs
Endoscopic Surgery :
A tiny fibre optic video camera. It is inserted into the inner part of the body which will help the doctor to visualize the internal organs better. This will help the surgeon to perform surgery with minor complications
Spondylitis Treatment :
Some of the common treatments used in slipped discs are anti inflammatory steroid injections, heat treatments, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, pain relieving medicines etc.
Micro Endoscopic Surgery : In this procedure a tubular reactor is inserted to the spinal cord through an incision. It can create a path to the problematic area of the spinal column. Throughout the procedure the tubular extractor holds the muscles open. Using some small instruments, surgeon can able to correct the problem.  Most common micro endoscopic spine surgery are
  • MES Lumbar Discectomy
  • MES Lumbar Fusion

Gurukripa Advanced Neuro care Institute provides facilitated Spine Surgery In New Delhi. Dr Manish Vaish a senior Neurosurgeon, having 13 years competence in Endoscopy, Skull Base and Intracranial Neuroendoscopy. Our hospital provide highly advanced treatment procedures and facilities at economical price.


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