Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Simplifying Treatment With Micro Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopy has taken over the field of surgery with its capability to simplify even complicated surgeries. Spine surgeries are considered to be complicated but with the advent of endoscopy or more precisely, microendoscopic surgery, they have been simplified. Initially endoscopy was used in for diagnosis only. Later with the technological advancement, they shifted to be the most common procedure of minimally invasive surgeries. Micro endoscopic surgeries are usually done with the help of a tiny video camera connected to the end of a tube-like scope, known as endoscope.

In the case of micro endoscopic spine surgeries, the endoscope is inserted to the spinal area through small incisions created near it. The doctors can then view the area on a screen with the images transmitted from the camera on the endoscope. This view offers much more clarity and precision of anatomy to the doctors than the conventional surgical procedures.
The small or micro incisions are used to insert the instruments required for the surgery along with the endoscope. The doctors perform the necessary functions based on the images on the screen. The surgery is done after administering local or general anaesthesia.
Conditions requiring Micro Endoscopy Spine Surgeries
Unlike conventional open back surgeries, the micro endoscopic spine surgeries require minimal invasion. They are performed in cases like bulging or herniated discs, Foramina stenosis, Spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, bone spurts and so on.
The advantages of micro endoscopic surgery are many when compared to the conventional techniques. Since these are minimally invasive procedures, the blood loss and scarring associated with the procedure are almost negligible. Pain is also very less after the procedure when compared to an open back surgery. A shorter recovery time, of a day or less in hospital contributes to its popularity. It does not cause much damage to the adjoining tissues as well.
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