Friday, 12 May 2017

Scoliosis Surgery for Straightening Spine Curve

Surgery is mainly used to treat severe scoliosis. The main aim of surgery is to improve a severe spinal curve. The result might not be a perfectly straight spine, but the main aim is to balance the spine and to make sure the curve does not get as worse as before. Surgery mainly involves stabilizing the spine and from keeping the curve from getting worse by permanently joining the vertebrae together.

Which are the things to be considered before surgery?
Things which are considered before surgery include:
  • The age of the child.
  • The size, direction, and location of the curve present in the spine.
  • Whether any other treatment option such as bracing, has failed.
When is surgery really considered?
Surgery may be considered if:
  • The child has a moderate to severe curve and the curve is getting worse with time.
  • The child has pain or trouble doing his or her daily activities.
Which are the different Surgery options?
The main type of surgery for scoliosis involves the attaching of rods to the spine and doing a spinal infusion. Spinal fusion is mainly used to stabilize and reduce the size of the curve and also to stop the curve from getting worse. This is done by permanently joining the vertebrae into a solid mass of bone.
Other techniques may also be used, including instrumentation with fusion. In this technique the devices such as metal rods to the spine are attached to stabilize a spinal curve. In this procedure there is no fusing of the spine together. This is only done in very young children when a fusion which stops the growth of the fused part of the spine is not desirable. The child has to wear a brace full-time after this surgery.
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